Hello and welcome to my blog! This site is where I explore my curiosity when it comes to software.

I chose the name, Cpp::Engineer, because it aligns with my background, I'm a software engineer, and I like to code in C++. Thus, I'm an Engineer in the C++ namespace .

I also like to explore other programming languages, and this blog is where I then take notes for myself. I've learned so much from others online, and hopefully, I can give something back here.

Code and Content

The contents of this website reflect my personal opinions only. I also write the posts and software for this blog in my free time.

My open-source projects are hosted on Github. If I include code in any post, it will likely be in the public domain, unless stated otherwise.


If you'd like to get in touch, ask me a question or you have some comments on a post, you can reach me through the contact page.