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Using CMake to create header-only, shared and static libraries

19-03-2021 by Jan Gabriel · CMake C++ Libraries

It's important to keep in mind how you want to package and distribute your code when developing a library. You need to make design decisions such as building a header-only, static, or shared library. In this post, I'll show how you can use CMake to package your C++ library in these three ways: Header-only (INTERFACE) Static; and Shared...

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A GMock Example using an Interface class design, a Sequence class and the ElementsAreArray() method

08-02-2021 by Jan Gabriel · C++ GTest GMock plantuml

I like Test-Driven Development (TDD) because it gives me a goal to develop towards as well as peace of mind when I make changes to my code later on. TDD describes a development strategy where you write a test, which will pass when certain conditions are met, followed by the code which takes your test input data and returns the expected output...

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How I built this site with NodeJs, Express, EJS and MongoDB

24-01-2021 by Jan Gabriel · WebDev NodeJs Express EJS MongoDB

I must admit that I am not a web developer and before I started to build this site I didn't really know much about this field. What I can say, is that the web development community is awesome. There is really a lot of people that share tutorials, support each other and teach on the subject for free or at least for a reasonable fee (e.g. on Udemy)....

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My Notes from Cpp Europe Conference June 2020

22-01-2021 by Jan Gabriel · CppEurope Conference C++ SOLID ApprovalTests std::move

I decided to post my notes from the CppEurope online conference held on 23 June 2020. It was the first C++ conference I've attended and for me a milestone in my development as a C++ software engineer. I hope to attend the next one on 23 February 2021. Thus, without further ado here are my notes and lessons learned from the conference. Further...

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Let's CMake an ASIO Socket Wrapper project!

09-12-2020 by Jan Gabriel · CMake C++11 Project-Structure Asio-Wrapper

There is a very good reason why I chose the CMake topic for my Hello World post. If you want to create a C/C++ software solution that needs to build cross-platform and support multiple compilers, then CMake is for you. There really is a myriad of other reasons too, but for the purposes of this post, I'll stick to those two. I like programming in a...

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